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Testimonials from past patients we've assisted!

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Dear Raj K. Sinha,

Thank you for your expertise and professionalism. You have changed my life for the better! The world needs more people like you. I am no longer in pain with my new hip and knee replacement. My life is going great! Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL Day!

MK - January 2012

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Dear Dr. Raj K. Sinha,

I'm more THANKFUL and appreciative than mere words can ever tell you, but I still must tryAfter consulting with 4 additional surgeons our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, we chose you because of the thorough examination, explanation, and recommendation to have total anterior hip replacement. We thought your surgical method, the NUMBER of procedures performed and the state of the art medical center, was the only road to choose.
...To put it bluntly, after a very SHORT 4-week post-op, I can honestly state that you and your staff gave me my life back!

BA - Anterior Hip Replacement - January 2013

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Dear Dr. Raj K. Sinha

Most of my life I WORKED OUT at gyms and sports complexes until three years ago. An arthritic hip took all of that awa from me. I could not walk more than a block without tightening up.
After a procedure, I am now able to fast walk only four weeks after surgery. For me the surgery was painless and good therapy helped my quick progress.
THANK you Dr. Raj K. Sinha, for being progressive enough to make a difference. More doctors should want to learn from you.

DZ - Anterior Hip Replacement - Aventura, FL. November 2014

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Dear Raj K. Sinha,

This is a wonderful day and a beautiful thing that I can now walk and my mobility is CONTINUING to be restored. There are things as this that it Is Impossible to repay for such a wonderful gift as this. I will thank you and sing your praises for your wonderful gift and heart of helping so many and for helping me, Thank You.
To the staff at your office, I am grateful and thank them for their help and support, especially those in the surgery room, your assistant, and the EXERCISE rehab team who are most most excellent.
Thank you so much!

RB - Right and Left Total Hip Replacement - October 2009

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